Platinum trumps Gold – Pachter predicts new Xbox LIVE service

Speaking on this week’s episode of Pach-Attack on, Michael Pachter believes that Microsoft will soon be ready to hit Xbox LIVE subscribers with what he’d like to call the “Platinum service”.

“I think we’re going to go from Gold to Platinum, and I think Platinum’s going to have a lot of cool stuff and it’s going to be 100 bucks or 150 bucks or 500 bucks. It’s going to be more. And the reason I say it could be that much more… what if they offer you television? What if you get internet TV through Xbox Live? What if they say you can watch WKRP in Cincinnati anytime you want on demand through Xbox Live? Because they could do that, and if they offer you every TV show ever made, every movie ever made, you’ll pay 500 bucks a year for that. Trust me, you will, because you’re already paying that on your cable bill and a lot more.”

I can honestly see myself suckered into this business model if Microsoft were ever to implement it, just as Pachter predicts gamers like myself would, because I utilize my Xbox 360 to encompass all my media and act as a multimedia hub for my room.

Want to watch a movie?
Sure, there’s Netflix streaming!

Want to rent a new movie?
Why not… let’s go over to the Zune Marketplace!

How about some background noise while we socialize?
Okay – do you like Phil Collins? I have him under my “Favorites” channel in! (Epic!)

Without a doubt Xbox LIVE is maturing – and with the death of the original Xbox LIVE’s service, the sky’s the limit. It’ll be exciting to see how Microsoft will handle its online gaming service in the near-future.


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