Dead Rising 2 prequel – Xbox LIVE Exclusive

Entitled “Case Zero”, Dead Rising 2’s prequel episode will provide the complete Dead Rising experience for fans of the series.

The episode will bridge the first game’s narrative to that of Blue Castle’s entry to the Dead Rising universe. It is set two years after the first game, but three years before Dead Rising 2 and will follow the exploits of new protagonist Chuck Greene as he struggles to escape the desert town of Still Creek with his daughter.

Capcom promises there to be “unique content not available in the full retail release of Dead Rising 2“. As of yet, there is no news regarding price or a release date. What is known is that the “Case Zero” episode will be exclusive to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. And why should that come as a surprise? The original never saw its release on the PlayStation 3… however, there was that one Wii release


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