Skate 3 Demo is LIVE

Interested in a little boarding action? Electronic Arts’ Tony Hawk spanker Skate 3 is now available in the Games Marketplace.

Is that comment a little bias? Maybe – but I think developer Robomondo deserves a little noogie on account of their latest entry into the Tony Hawk series. Just saying…


EA report reveals line-up for 2010

Papa EA’s plans for the 2011 fiscal year through their Q3 2010 report. Release dates of key titles are as such:

Medal of Honor and APB will see their releases in Summer 2010. Crysis 2 (ooh!), a new Need for Speed, and The Sims 3 for consoles are set to compete in the holiday 2010 window. And early 2011 is shrouded in mystery and anticipation, as the new Dead Space 2 and a “Shooter from Epic” are headlining the new year; as well as a new Sims, Spore, and Dragon Age game. As to whether the latter games are merely expansion packs or full retail packages… we can only speculate.